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  • by – voted the fastest growing MMORPG shop in 2020 provides the provable safest OSRS gold, accounts & services.

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Why is it the safest?

  1. We only use 100+ cb accounts to trade and only trade P2P
  2. Any purchase over 1B gp will be done through a 2277 total maxed account
  3. We don’t buy gold from level 3 players, gambling sites & such. All of our gold comes from legit players selling to us & in-house gold farming.
  4. We provide other trading methods for bigger trades such as tip jar or PVP trade
  5. Our accounts that we sell are all hand leveled with no bots or any sort of automation, done by an inhouse team.
  6. Our services are provided by a team of 70+ employees whom all have left deposits with rPro ranging from $50 to $2000 (nobody will be assigned to work with a bank above their deposit level)

What else do you provide?

We provide variety of OSRS & other game services, ranging from but not limited to:

  • Infernal capes
  • High end PvM content
  • All raids
  • Skilling, Questing, Minigames, Supply gathering & etc.
  • Custom requests
  • We sell hand-leveled first owner accounts
  • We sell the cheapest membership codes on the market & more

Why should I choose you for my services?

  1. We keep the most competitive prices possible, for example, our 500 invocation ToA raids are only $50, I guarantee you won’t find cheaper and if you do find anything cheaper – we will almost always beat everyone’s prices
  2. The people working within our ecosystem, have not only left a cash deposit but also their IDs and if attempted scamming would get all their payments chargebacked dating up to 6 months.
  3. In business since August 2013 (going on 10 years)
  4. $10,000,000+ in verified sales (according to data gathering)
  5. Variety of payment methods accepted – PayPal, Cashapp, Revolut, Apple Pay, Credit Card, any crypto, UKBT, Wise & More
  6. 24/7 customer support & English-speaking, UK based staff
  7. 100% guaranteed privacy – nobody will know, that the juiced up Infernal cape was actually done by our caper with over 3000 completed capes
  8. Auto-updates while working services on your account (with discord webhooks and RuneLite)

What are some of the services I should look at?

One of our best sellers is undoubtedly the infernal cape, starting at just $99.99Click here.

Membership codes – starting at only $2.39Click here.

Of course game currencies for both OSRS & RS3 – Click here.

Variety of PvM activities (click here) *Will have more added in the coming days, just working out the pricing & such.

In short: we have something for everyone, and if it’s not listed on the website, you will 100% find what you’re looking for in our discord. And not only do we have something for everyone, we have over 10,000 feedback in various forums/trading sites with 99% customer satisfaction rate ensuring the most trustworthy & safest experience for our customers!

Go and take a look for yourself at!

Use code “GUIDES” at checkout for 2% off!


Completed Jobs

Remote Infernal Cape

infernal complete

Fang Kit & Akkha Transmog