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OSRS Xarpus Guide

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osrs xarpus guide

Xarpus is the final demi-boss encounter in ToB before the Verzik fight. The monster is a type of large bat, that will attack in the early half of the fight by firing poison splats at the players position. While in the later stages she will reflect any damage a player does to her if she is staring at them when the attack is dealt.

Mechanics and Strategy

The Xarpus fight is split into three sections or phases. In the first phase, players will need to cover Exhumed healing spots. The second phase, players will attack the Xarpus, as she launches poison attacks around the room. Finally, during the third phase, you will not be able to attack Xarpus if it is staring at you without having the damage reflected back on your character.

Xarpus Exhumes

Green exhumes will spawn on random tiles around the room, these will heal Xarpus. One player, closest to the Exhume should stand on it to prevent the healing affect. Try to spread out as much as possible so there is less distance to cover to reach an Exhume. For example, in 4 man, each player would take a corner. Once the phase is over, be ready with your defence reduction specs (DWH/BGS).

Poison Attacks

After the Exhumed phase, Xarpus will become attackable. If you have no prior experience in the ToB, for simplicity it is recommended to use the blowpipe. Xarpus will launch a poison splat attack at players in orb order. Simply move 2 tiles to dodge it as shown below.

osrs xarpus poison attack
Basic Xarpus method

When you get a few ToB kc under your belt and are more familiar with Xarpus you can move to more advanced techniques. Such as attacking with scythe during this phase, by using a series of unique pathing strategies.

Stare attack

After Xarpus says “screech” above its head, you will enter the stare phase. Players should now move in close to Xarpus when attacking. The boss will rotate its position every 8 ticks. If players attack Xarpus while it is looking at the quadrant you are in, it will retaliate using a poison attack with a max hit of up to 80 per hit. If you are using a scythe then it will reflect 3 hits onto you, as the scythe deals 3 hits.

osrs xarpus stare attack

Step by step guide to killing Xarpus

  1. Enter the room and stand on any of the Exhumed tiles as they appear. Only one person needs to cover one exhumed tile at a time.
  2. Use Defence reducing specs, always BGS after the DWHs have landed.
  3. Xarp will attack in orb order. Make sure you are standing on a sufficient tile that you don’t mind being poison covered when she looks at you.
  4. Lower xarpus’ hp to 25% or when it screech’s. From this point only attack Xarpus on a side it is not staring at.

Quick Video Explanation of Xarpus