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OSRS Werewolf Skullball

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osrs Werewolf Skullball

Werewolf Skullball is a type of activity that can be done to train the Agility skill. However, to participate you must have complete the Fenkenstrain, have at least 25 agility and be wearing a ring of charos. The entrance to the area can be found south-east of Canifis.

How to get to Werewolf Skullball?

There are many methods of reaching the Werewolf Skullball area. Some of the best include:

  • Canifis teleport and run north-east then south
  • Fairy ring code C-K-S and run south-west
osrs how to get to Werewolf Skullball

How to play Werewolf Skullball?

Speak to the Skullball boss to begin the game. The objective is to move the skull through each of the 10 goals by kicking it. There are three options you can use to change the amount of tiles you will kick the skullball along. This is as follows:

  • Tap: moves the ball 1 square ahead.
  • Kick: moves the ball 4 tiles ahead.
  • Shoot: moves the ball 9 tiles ahead.

Best route for Werewolf Skullball

  1. Shoot north
  2. Kick north, tap east and kick north
  3. Tap east x2 and shoot north
  4. Tap west and shoot north
  5. Tap east and shoot north
  6. Kick east, tap north x2 and shoot east
  7. Kick east and shoot south
  8. Tap west and shoot south x2
  9. Tap east and shoot south
  10. Shoot south, tap west x3, tap south x2 and shoot west
  11. Shoot (or kick) north to complete
osrs Werewolf Skullball route
Recommended route in Diagram form

In total one completion of Werewolf Skullball will obtain the player 750 agility experience. Providing you complete the challenge in under 4 minutes. Every 3 seconds over 4 minutes you will lose 8 agility experience from the total amount.

Werewolf Skullball Experience Rates

Werewolf Skullball you should expect agility experience at around 18k per hour. This assumes each game takes an average of 2 minutes 30 seconds which is very achievable with the above route. When you reach level 40 you can switch to the Canifis Rooftop course. Experience rates there are very similar, however, the Canifis course benefits from Marks of Grace spawns.