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OSRS Vespula Guide

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osrs vespula guide

Vespula is one of the main combat rooms in the Chambers of Xeric. Many players perceive this to be a difficult room when learning CoX and may opt to avoid, similar to Vasa and Vanguards. However, this is a myth, these rooms are very easy to complete once learnt properly and Vespula is one of the fastest rooms to complete in raids 1. Which will only increase your overall points (and loot) per hour.

Best gear setup for Vespula

Vespula’s portal has a high defence level, meaning the accuracy boost from the Shadow staff is very good here. If you don’t own a Shadow then use one of the ranged setups below for the Vespula room. Additionally, no boots are shown in this setup, as eternals are generally not worth bringing to the raid. Taking your boots off will remove negative stats from Prims/Pegs but is not necessary.

osrs best gear setup for vespula

Ranged Setups for Vespula

If you do not own a Shadow staff, then ranged setups will be best in slot for you while killing Vespula. The Bofa is the best ranged weapon for regular chambers Vespula. The Twisted Bow with masori is the best option. Followed by your highest tier crossbow and a buckler. Down to dragon crossbow which should be for budget setups.

osrs vespula range gear setup

How to Kill Vespula

  1. Drink Stamina and Range pot (if using range).
  2. Set quick prayers to rigour or Augury depending on weapon used and redemption. Use lower tier prayers if you do not have Rigour/Augury.
  3. Activate your quick-prayers and immediately attack the Abyssal Portal.
  4. After your attack run back out to the tile behind the grub.
  5. Attack the portal again.
  6. If your redemption procs, drink a super restore and turn quick prayers back on before attacking the portal again.

The Process is demonstrated in the gif below. If done correctly you will always be saved by redemption as Vespula’s trample damage can’t hit above 8 during this method.

how to kill vespula osrs

If you see any of the grubs have HP bars, you should feed them. One person in the team will grab at least three medivaemia blossoms. They will take these to the grubs and spam click the grub until its hp bar is full again. Doing this for all grubs with HP bars. If you are unable to feed in time, a vespine soldier will spawn, blowpipe it until it lands on the floor then finish it with a melee attack. You do not have to feed if in very low scales (1-3 players) and have good gear.