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OSRS Vasa Guide

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osrs vasa guide

Vasa Nistirio or “Vasa” for short is one of the combat rooms found in the Chambers of Xeric. Similar to Vespula and Vanguards, this room is often intentionally skipped by learners. Although, it definitely should not be skipped, this is one of the best rooms in CoX. As its super quick and easy to complete with a little practice.

Gear Setups for Vasa

Ranged is without doubt the best combat style to use for attacking Vasa. Although, you will also need some melee gear and a stab weapon for attacking her glowing crystals mid-way through the fight. If you already have a dragon hunter lance, then this works fine. Otherwise, a dragon sword or Abyssal dagger are good cheap alternatives. Dragon Claws can be used as a special attack on the crystal if Tekton is not in an upcoming room.

osrs Vasa gear setup

How to Kill Vasa Nistirio

  1. Enter the room, drink ranging and super combat potions
  2. Activate Vengence spell if you have it
  3. If you are teleported outside, run and stand under vasa.
  4. If you are not venged pray protect from magic. Otherwise, you can ignore praying protect from magic to activate vengence as seen in the clip below.
  5. After this, attack the boss with rigour and protect from missiles.
  6. Move two squares at a time to dodge its boulder attacks.
  7. Pay attention to the direct Vasa is moving in. Move towards the crystal it is pathing to.
  8. Be ready to switch to melee gear and attack the crystal. You can get a total of 4 Tbow hits in before Vasa touches the first crystal.
  9. After the crystal dies, attack vasa again and repeat the process until it dies.
Veng Bombing Vasa – an advanced strat

While at the crystal Vasa will regenerate 1% of its base HP every 2 ticks. Its boulders have a 3×3 area of effect.

Example Kill