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OSRS Varrock Diary Guide

osrs varrock diary guide

The Varrock Diary is one of the achievement diaries in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that offers a variety of rewards and benefits once completed. It is divided into four tiers: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite, each with its own set of tasks to complete. This guide will walk you through the Varrock Diary, providing information on the tasks, rewards, and strategies to complete them.

Easy Varrock Diary

osrs varrock easy diary guide

The Easy Varrock Diary consists of a set of straightforward tasks that can be completed relatively quickly. To complete the Easy Diary, you’ll need to do things like:

  • Chop and burn oak logs: You’ll need to chop and burn some oak logs, which can be done north of Varrock.
  • Mine some clay: Mine clay in the South-eastern Varrock mining site.
  • Pickpocket a Man/Woman: Find a Man or Woman in Varrock and successfully pickpocket them.


Completing the Easy Varrock Diary will grant you the following rewards:

  • A reward lamp that grants 1,000 experience in any skill above 30.
  • Varrock armour 1, which offers various bonuses, including reduced chance of being stunned while thieving and an increased chance of mining two ores at once.

Medium Varrock Diary

osrs medium varrock diary guide

The Medium Varrock Diary tasks are a bit more challenging, requiring higher skill levels and more effort. Some of the tasks include:

  • Craft 50 Earth Runes: You’ll need to reach level 9 Runecrafting and craft 50 Earth Runes at the Earth Altar.
  • Smith a Mithril Platebody: Smith a Mithril Platebody at the Varrock anvil.
  • Defeat the Black Arm Gang: Complete the Black Arm Gang portion of the Shield of Arrav quest.


Completing the Medium Varrock Diary will grant you the following rewards:

  • Varrock armour 2, which offers improved bonuses over the Easy version, including additional experience from the Varrock museum’s cleaning finds and noted Dagon’hai history books.
  • Access to the shortcut to the Chaos Temple.

Hard Varrock Diary

osrs hard varrock diary guide

The Hard Varrock Diary tasks are more challenging and time-consuming, but the rewards are also more significant. Some tasks include:

  • Complete the Rat Catchers quest: You’ll need to complete this quest to catch the rats in Varrock sewers.
  • Mine a Rune Ore: Mine a rune ore in the Wilderness or the Heroes’ Guild basement.
  • Cast Lvl-2 Enchant on a Dragonstone Necklace: You’ll need to reach level 68 Magic to do this.


Completing the Hard Varrock Diary will grant you the following rewards:

  • Varrock armour 3, which offers even more bonuses, including a chance of double ores when mining, increased battlestaves from Zaff, and access to the Grand Exchange from anywhere.
  • Access to a new spellbook: the Lunar spellbook.

Elite Varrock Diary

osrs varrock elite diary guide

The Elite Varrock Diary is the most challenging tier and requires high skill levels and dedication. Some tasks include:

  • Earn 250 Battlestaffs from Zaff: You’ll need to spend a significant amount of money on battlestaves.
  • Achieve a score of 1,250 or more at the Gnome Restaurant: This task can be quite time-consuming.
  • Craft 56 or more Nature Runes: Reach level 91 Runecrafting to craft nature runes.


Completing the Elite Varrock Diary will grant you the following rewards:

  • Varrock armour 4, offering the best bonuses of all Varrock armours, including noted Adamantite and Runite ores when mining, and the ability to change your Varrock Teleport to the Grand Exchange.
  • A daily reward of up to 120 battlestaves from Zaff.