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OSRS Vanguards Guide

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osrs vanguards guide

The Vanguards is a demi-boss combat room in the Chambers of Xeric. It is often considered one of the harder rooms, along with Vespula and Vasa. Although, it is often over-complicated, this guide will iron out the basics and help you to learn how to complete the room efficiently.

osrs vanguards in CoX

Gear Setups for Vanguards

The type of gear you will need is dependant on the Vanguard you are currently attack. If you are attacking the Mage Vanguard, you will need your strongest ranged gear. If you’re attacking the Melee Vanguard you’ll need your best magic gear. Finally, when attacking the ranged vanguard you’ll need your best melee gear.

gear setup for vangs

How to Kill Vanguards

  1. Evenly split your team if with multiple players. In a trio, each person can take a vanguard each.
  2. Attack them, being careful to deal damage evenly. If any of the Vanguards hp are 40% or more away from each-other they will reset to full health in teams of 4 or less. In teams of 5 or more the threshold is 33% for a reset.
  3. If the Vanguard you are attacking is getting to low compared to others, begin attacking the highest hp vanguard to help it catch up. If you’re on the Ranged vanguard you can hide inside of it to avoid damage as seen in the gif below.
osrs vangs digging

If you want to use special attack weapons, using dragon claws, toxic blowpipe or the zaryte crossbow is advised over defence reducing specs. As items such as the DWH and BGS will reduce defence at the time they land the damage. However, once the Vanguard digs, they will reset their defence, making it not a viable method in the long-run.

How to kill Vanguards in a solo

Vanguards in a solo is a little more tricky, as you will need to make use of safe-spots and prayer flicking to kill them efficiently. Its generally recommended to follow the melee vanguard or ranged vanguard as much as possible. As the melee can be safe spotted and the range can be stood inside of to avoid its attacks. An example of how Vangs should be killed in a solo can be found below.

Example kill