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OSRS Tightrope Room Guide

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osrs cox tightrope room guide

The Tightrope room makes up one of the four puzzle rooms in the Chambers of Xeric. The room consists of a group of deathly mages and rangers that stand on adjacent sides of a tightrope. The tightrope must be crossed to collect a crystal at the other side. If a player crosses the tightrope, all of the magers and rangers will immediately become aggressive. You will not be able to eat food while crossing.

So, the most common method is to kill the magers then rangers before crossing. Although, there are some alternative methods for speed-running that will be discussed later in this guide.

How to complete the Tightrope Room in CoX?

  1. Enter the room praying protect from magic and rigour.
  2. Sip a ranging potion and use your best ranged weapon to kill the magers one by one.
  3. Once dead, switch to protect from missiles and kill each of the rangers.
  4. Once all NPCs are dead, one person can cross and collect the crystal.
  5. Use the crystal to disperse the magical barrier at the exit of the room.

When crossing the tightrope in team raids there is occasionally an agility requirement. So, it is recommended to send the person with the highest agility across the tightrope.

Skipping tightrope in a Solo raid

It is possible to skip killing the magers and rangers in a solo raid consistently, by using phoenix necklaces. However, this is generally not worth doing in the long-run as it is bad points per hour. Although, the method is very useful for speed-running, particularly if trying to complete the Combat Achievement speed run times.

When pneck skipping ensure you are 23 hp or higher with the first phoenix necklace equipped when crossing and praying range with your best tank gear. A video example is shown below.

Double Phoenix Necklace skip video example

Double P-neck success rates

osrs double pneck success rates