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OSRS Suqah Guide

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osrs suqah guide

Suqah are powerful creatures that can attack with both melee and magic. They use an ice barrage attack for magic, which if not prayed against will damage the player for 10. Suqah’s are found on the Lunar Isle, therefore, partial completion of Lunar Diplomacy is required for access.

Where to kill Suqah in OSRS?

  • North of Lunar Isle
  • South of Lunar Isle
  • Lady Zay – Cage on the bottom floor

Cannoning on the Northern side of Lunar Isle will result in the highest experience rates. As there are more spawns (16) and they are in closer proximity. The Lady Zay location is not recommended as there is only 1 Suqah spawn.

Suqah Gear Setup

Melee Setup

osrs melee setup for Suqah

Range Setup

osrs ranged setup for Suqah

Suqah FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to kill Suqah for the first time.

Are Suqah a good task?

Yes, Suqah are a very good slayer task. Specifically for hourly experience rates, as they are in a multi-combat area and can be cannoned with a dwarf multicannon. They do not drop anything of significant value, so players will struggle to recoup the cost of cannonballs. But, in terms of efficiency it is definitely worthwhile.

Where can I tan a Suqah hide?

Players can take Suqah hide to Rimae Sirsalis and pay 100 coins to have a piece of suqah hide tanned.

How many Suqah are there in Lunar Isle?

There are 26 Suqah in total on the Isle. 16 on the northern side and 10 on the southern side.

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