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OSRS Spiritual Creatures Guide

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osrs Spiritual Creatures guide

Spritual creatures are slayer monsters found wandering the God Wars Dungeon. There are three types of Spiritual creatures:

  1. Spiritual Ranger – requires 63 slayer to attack
  2. Spiritual Warrior – requires 68 slayer to attack
  3. Spiritual Mage – requires 83 slayer to attack

Spiritual Creatures are not loyal to one God. You can find each of the Spiritual Creature types following all five of the God Wars Bosses; Zamorak, Saradomin, Bandos, Armadyl and Zaros.

Where to kill Spiritual Creatures in OSRS?

Spiritual Creatures are only found residing in the God Wars Dungeons. This includes both the regular God Wars Dungeon located under Trollheim, and the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon. It is not advised to kill them in the Wilderness, unless you have been assigned a slayer task specifically from the wildy slayer master. To reach the God Wars Dungeon in Trollheim use any of the following methods:

  • Trollheim teleport and run north through boulder and down the entrance
  • Troll Stronghold teleport and run east from the entrance
  • Ghommal’s hilt – tiers 2 and above allow you to teleport to God Wars Entrance

Spiritual Creatures Gear Setup

Melee Setup

osrs melee setup for Spiritual Creatures

Range Setup

osrs ranged setup for Spiritual Creatures

Spiritual Creatures FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to kill Spiritual Creatures for the first time.

Can you boost for spiritual mages?

Yes, as the spiritual creatures task assignment is unlocked at level 63. You can boost your slayer level to 83 to damage spiritual mages. This is particularly useful for ironmen trying to get the Dragon Boots that they drop.

Are Spiritual Creatures worth it?

No, these tasks give very bad slayer experience per hour. Players will generally opt to skip these tasks when possible or buy OSRS gold to level faster. As opposed to blocking them, as they are not weighted as high as other bad tasks. Their profit per hour is another reason for them being bad. Only the spiritual mages drop anything of value and it still does not make the task worthwhile.

Best Spiritual Creature to kill?

The spiritual mage is definitely the best of the three creatures to kill. As they drop the dragon boots, which can provide a boost to hourly profits.

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