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OSRS Spirit Anglers Outfit

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osrs spirit anglers outfit

The Spirit Anglers outfit is an upgraded version of the Anglers Outfit. The set provides a 2.5% boost to all fishing experience. Requiring a minimum fishing level of 34 to equip, however, it is only obtainable via Tempoross rewards. You can not take part in the Tempoross minigame until you have at least 35 fishing, so the realistic fishing level requirement is slightly higher.

The set can be used to gain access to Minnows just as the regular angler outfit can. Furthermore, when playing Tempoross, with the spirit angler set you will no longer need a rope to tether yourself to masts or poles, the set acts as a rope.

osrs spirit angler set

How to get the Spirit Anglers Outfit?

The spirit anglers outfit is a cosmetic upgrade from the regular angler outfit, obtained via Tempoross rewards. Players will need to collect 1,200 spirit flakes, along with the regular angler outfit piece they want to upgrade. Talk to Gita Pyrmes to complete the upgrade. In total you will need 4,800 spirit flakes, once done you can switch between the two cosmetic versions of the outfit by talking to Gita again. She will not charge you for future conversions.