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OSRS Sotetseg Guide

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osrs sotetseg guide

Sotetseg is the fourth boss encounter in ToB. This boss is a type of Dark Beast that has been corrupted. The boss has high defence, making defence reduction specs optimal here. However, the defence drain is limited to 2 DWH, before it is no longer worthwhile as its defence can not be lowered below 100. Also, its defence will regenerate every 33% of its hit points you do. The Sotetseg will attack with melee, ranged and magic. This guide will show you everything you need to know to consistently clear this room with ease.

Mechanics and Strategy

Standard attacks

To negate damage from this boss you need to be able to react to protection prayers quickly. Sotetseg will always be able to melee you if you are in melee distance. But, he will also fire red and grey orbs. The red orb is magic, so you must pray protect from magic before it lands. The grey orb is a ranged attack, so pray protect from missiles before it hits you.

The orbs can come from him, or previous orbs that hit other players may split off, so be wary of your surroundings constantly. If an orb does hit you it will disable your prayer temporarily while dealing damage to you. This can have a snowball affect if another orb is travelling to you and your prayers are disabled.

Red bomb attack

After a while Sotetseg will launch a red exploding bomb that targets one player. It will approach them slowly, when it lands it deals damage in a 3×3 area of the target player. The max hit is 115, but the more players your share it with, the less damage you take in total. For this reason, your team should meet at the front of Sotetseg for this attack, as shown in the gif below.

sotetseg red bomb attack
Dealing with Sotetseg’s red bomb attack

Sotetseg Maze

When Sotetseg reaches 66.6% health and 33.3% health, he will teleport all 1 player on the team to the shadow realm maze. The other players will be teleported to the entrance of the room. The player in the shadow realm will see a highlighted path through the maze. It is his responsibility to guide his team through the maze.

The leader should go to the third row of the maze (following the highlighted tiles). After the other players pass the third row a tornado will spawn and chase them, so it is important to give your team time to reach this third row tile. After pausing for a second or two, the leader will lead the players across the maze on the safe tiles. To re-engage the Sotetseg and continue on until he is dead.

Step by step guide to killing Sotetseg

  1. Divide spec roles out for the three phases before starting the room. One player will spec phase 1+2, another player will spec phase 1+3, another will do phase 2+3. If you are in a 4 man team, the 4th player will back up on phases where players have missed specs.
  2. Enter the room and attack the boss, praying melee.
  3. Spread out into different sections surrounding the boss.
  4. Even if you are using the twisted bow, stay close as it reduces the amount of big red balls you need to tank.
  5. Flick protect from range/mage as you see the small orbs come towards you.
  6. If the big red ball does spawn, group up together to tank it as shown above.
  7. At 66.6% and 33.3% the Shadow Maze will start.
  8. During the maze, pause on the third row, waiting for your team to be ready then go quickly through the maze.
  9. Continue until Sotetseg is dead.

Quick Video Explanation of Sotetseg

Maze Simulator

Before attempting this room and or even the Theatre of Blood itself you can practice the Maze with an app. This will allow you to see how you need to path accurately within the maze to ensure you move through the maze quickly. But, also without letting any of your team mates step on the incorrect tiles. Click here to try out the Sotetseg maze simulator.