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OSRS Scorpia Guide

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osrs scorpia guide

Scorpia is one of Oldschool Runescapes many wilderness bosses. She is considered a demi-boss with her difficulty being more comparable to wilderness bosses such as the Chaos Elemental. Due to how easy and quick the fight is, the Scorpia pet is one of the fastest to obtain in game. With a relatively low drop rate to at 1/2,000.

Additionally, the Scorpia is often killed for its chance at receiving Odium and Malediction shards to create their respective wards. Players must collect a shard from Scorpia, Chaos Fanatic and the Crazy Archaeologist to create the Wards.

How to get to Scorpia in OSRS?

The Scorpia boss can be found at the Scorpion Pit in the deep wilderness, levels 53-55. Here you will find a cave that leads into Scorpia’s lair. To get there the fastest methods are:

  • Use the lever south of Edgeville bank then run north-east. A slash weapon is required to cut a web on your way there.
  • Level 50 Wilderness Obelisk then run west.
  • Annakarl teleport then run west then north.

Scorpia Gear Setup

osrs scorpia gear

How to kill Scorpia

  • Killing Scorpia with magic is most effective due to its low magical defence.
  • Use protect from Missiles through-out the kill.
  • Bind Scorpia at the beginning of the kill with Ice blitz or Barrage. To prevent its melee attacks.
  • When Scorpia reaches 99 health or lower, she will summon 2 guardians. Similar to Jads healers as seen in Inferno and the Fight Caves, these will heal her rather than attacking the player.
  • Either Ice Blitz/Barrage the healers and move Scorpia away from them, or kill them.
  • Note; if you are doloing then it is possible to out-dps the healers

Scorpia FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to kill the Scorpia for the first time.

Recommended Stats for Scorpia?

Level 78+ magic for a trident of the swamp is recommended. Additionally, level 40+ prayer is advised for protect from missiles. The higher your combat stats the better, to help deal with pkers.

Can you Melee Scorpia?

You can melee Scorpia, however, it has very high melee and ranged defence. So, using magic is highly recommended.

Does Scorpia have a safe spot?

There are no safe spots in Scorpia’s lair. This is why Ice Blitz and Barrage is recommended to help bind the monster in place.

Can Scorpia be killed on task?

Yes, Scorpia can be killed on any Scorpian task. Including those assigned with the wilderness slayer master.