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OSRS Piscarilius Favour Guide

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osrs Piscarilius favour guide

The Piscarilius house makes up one of the five great cities of Kourend. The other cities include; Hosidius, Arceuus, Shayzien and Lovakengj. Each city has its own speciality in which the inhabitants are experts in, the Piscarilius members are masters of the Fishing skill.

How to Get to Piscarilius House?

There are multiple fast methods of travelling to the Piscarilius house. Some of the best are:

  • Veos ship from Port Sarim to Lands End then run north-west.
  • Kourend Castle teleport then run east, until you hit the coast then run north.
  • Kharedst’s memoirs or Book of the Dead to the Fisher’s Flute.
osrs how to get to Piscarilius

Fastest Method for 0-100% Piscarilius Favor

This section will specifically focus on the fastest method of reaching 100% favour in Piscarilius.

0-30% Repairing fishing cranes

Port Piscarilius has a total of five fishing cranes that will consistently break. Players should bring a hammer, nails and three planks to repair the cranes. For every crane that is fixed 0.5% favour will be earned. However, you will need a crafting level of at least 30 to have access to this method.

Fixing the cranes with other players will make it significantly faster, so look for busy worlds. The unofficial world for repairing cranes is 303. But, if you can not find any other players, then always focus on fixing the one the dock worker is repairing.

osrs repairing fishing cranes in piscarilius

30-100% Hunting Sandworms

Hunting sandworms from 30% is the fastest method of gaining Piscarilius favour. You will need a minimum of 15 Hunter to use this method. Players should go to the area north of Tynan’s Fishing supplies store, with a spade and at least five buckets. Dig with the spade in the area to get buckets of sandworms. You can then deliver these buckets of sandworms to Tynan for 0.36% favour each.

Bring coins with you to buy more empty buckets from Tynan, as he will take both the bucket and sandworms when exchanging them for favour. The higher your hunter level the more likely you will successfully find Sandworms. Although this is not very significant, the probability is between 65% and 75% depending on your level.

Piscarilius Benefits

  • Kenelme’s Wares can be accessed at 20% favour.
  • Frankie’s Fishing Emporium stocks inventory at 30% favour.
  • Players can help Captain Khaled steal artefacts at 75% favour. A moderate thieving experience method.
  • Players can catch Anglerfish with 100% favour and 82 fishing.