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OSRS Muttadiles Guide

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osrs muttadiles guide

The Muttadiles are a type of crocodile-like monster found in the Chambers of Xeric. The room consists of two Muttadiles, a small baby Muttadile and a larger momma Muttadile. Both must be killed to progress to the next room. The room is popular when scouting for a good raid, as it is one of the few rooms to provide guaranteed overloads potions, similar to Tekton and the Vanguards.

Gear Setups for Muttadile

There are three different situations when in the Muttadiles room, that each require a slightly different gear setup. The first situation is chopping the tree (if you opt to use this method) and players should use their best tank gear to reduce damage while chopping. Alternatively, if you are freezing the Muttadiles or after you have killed the meat tree, you will want to blowpipe small muttadile until it dies. Finally, the Big Muttadile will spawn from the lake, you will want to kill this with the Twisted Bow or your best ranged weapon.

osrs muttadiles gear setup

How to Kill the Muttadiles

There are two common methods for dealing with the Muttadile room. The first is the freezing method, this is the more popular method for teams as it is generally easier to do. The second is the chopping method, where players chop down the meat tree before killing the Muttadiles. This was how the room was traditionally designed to be complete and is popular in solo scales where its inefficient to bring items/spells to freeze.

Freeze Method

For this method to be done you will be required to co-ordinate roles with your team prior to the raid starting. You will need one player on ancients with ice barrage and one player with a Zamorak Godsword.

  1. Range pot, pray rigour and protect from missiles. Attack with Blowpipe.
  2. When the baby muttadile reaches 50% the player with Barrage will cast the spell on the Muttadile.
  3. When he is immune to damage and would normally walk to the tree, he can no longer do this.
  4. Eventually he will become damageable again before the freeze timer is up
  5. Continue on and kill baby muttadile. Spawning Big Muttadile.
  6. Attack Big Muttadile with your best ranged weapon.
  7. When he hits around 50% health, the person with the ZGS will use the special attack on the big mutta. If it doesn’t land, spec again until the freeze lands. Pray protect from melee to avoid taking damage from its powerful melee attack when specin and remain high hp.
  8. Once more, wait for it to lose its immunity to damage and finish the kill.

Chopping Method

Chopping is predominately done in solos but it is actually the fastest method in all un-scaled raids, if you have 65 or higher woodcutting. Always bring a cheap axe so it can be dropped, bronze axe works exactly the same as a dragon axe here.

  1. Enter with tank gear on praying protect from missiles
  2. Chop the meat tree, while dealing damage to small mutta between woodcutting experience drops. Below you can see an example of how to efficiently chop and deal damage.
  3. Stop hitting baby mut once it is at around 45-50% hp to avoid him healing.
  4. When the tree dies kill baby muttadile with your blowpipe, then kill big muttadile with your best ranged gear
  5. Since there is no tree for them to eat, they can not heal or have a damage immunity period.
osrs efficient muttadile tree chopping
How to chop the meat tree efficiently

Big Mutta Safe Spot Tiles

The room layouts change depending on your assigned raids rotation. However, in most you are able to trap the Big Muttadile against the outer edges of the map. Whether it be around the side of the lake or against the rocks like in the screenshot below.

osrs mutta safespot tiles
Stand on highlighted tile to avoid all melee damage from Big Muttadile