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OSRS Mining Guild

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Mining guild osrs

The Mining Guild is accessible by players with a mining level of 60 or more. This requirement can be boosted to gain access. The guild is located directly beneath the city of Falador and contains an assortment of different rocks and ores. It is also connected directly to the Motherlode mine and is the only location in the game that has access to Amethyst mining area’s.

How to get to the Mining Guild?

  • Skills necklace teleport directly to the entrance of the Mining Guild
  • Falador teleport and run south-east to the guild entrance marked below.
  • Keldagrim mine cart to the north-west side of the Dwarven mines. Run south from there until you see the guild entrance.
Mining Guild Entrance osrs
Mining Guild Entrance

Sections of the Mining Guild

The guild has been split into two sections, the first area is the one you immediately enter and is a free-to-play zone. The second is attached to the back of the first area and is a members only zone.

Free-to-play section

The free to play area has a total of 4 iron rocks, 37 coal rocks, 5 mithril rocks and 2 adamantite rocks. Players can also find 2 stores which sell pickaxes and ores. The entrance to the Motherlode mine can also be found in this section, although it can only be used on members worlds.

free to play mining guild
F2P area rocks

Members section

The members area is home to a wider variety of rocks. Players can find 8 Iron rocks, 20 coal rocks, 10 mithril rocks, 8 adamantite rocks, 2 runite rocks and 60 Amethyst crystals.

members section of mining guild rocks
Members area rocks

This section of the mining guild will also provide a +7 invisible boost to all members mining levels. Which is stackable with existing boost, although only visible boosts will grant you access to higher tiered rocks.

Players will find a bank chest and deposit box in this area making banking super easy. There are two locations where Ameythst can be mined in here. However, the location closest to the bank requires completion of the Falador elite diary to use.

All of the rocks in this section of the mining guild will have the potential to reward you with unidentified minerals. These can be exchanged for mining gloves or superior mining gloves from Belona’s shop.