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OSRS Ice Demon Guide

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osrs ice demon guide

The Ice Demon room makes up one of the four puzzle rooms in the Chambers of Xeric. The room features a large Ice Demon, which is blocking the exit to the next room in the raid. At the beginning of the room he is not attackable.

To progress players will need to light the braziers with kindling, to warm the Ice Demon and entice him out into an attackable stat. Once out he can be killed, he is particularly weak to fire spells, making fire surge a good option here.

How to complete the Ice Demon Room in CoX?

  1. Use the chest to deposit all of your gear in private.
  2. Collect a bronze axe and tinderbox from the spawn points.
  3. Begin chopping kindling for a full inventory then deposit them into the braziers (use unlit braziers where possible).
  4. In small scales (solo/duo) do more than 1 full inventory.
  5. Otherwise, collect your gear from private and wait until the HP bar above Ice Demon turns gear.
  6. Once Ice Demon is attackable, pray protect from missiles and use your best weapons to kill him. DWH is an effective special attack here to reduce his defence.
  7. Avoid his range attack by moving 2 squares at a time, as it has a 3×3 AoE and deals damage through protection prayers.
  8. Once dead, proceed to the next room.
osrs killing ice demon

Gear Setups for Ice Demon

Ice Demon is particularly weak to fire spells. So, in team raids it is recommended to have at least one player on normal spellbook. This player will bring both Fire Surge for Ice Demon and water spells for olm. Remember to bring a tome of fire as this increases damage from fire spells significantly.

Other players in the team without fire spells should use their best ranged weapon to kill Ice Demon. The best being the twisted bow, followed by your highest tier of crossbow. The ice demon has a special damage reduction, where all none fire spell damage will be reduced by 67%. So, the majority of damage will be from the fire surge role.

Average Kindling per chop

The amount of kindling you will receive when chopping the trees at Ice Demon varies. It is dependant on your woodcutting level, higher levels have access to higher potential quantities of kindling. A breakdown can be found in the image below.

osrs ice demon kindling
Kindling per chop