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OSRS Giant Mole Guide

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osrs giant mole guide

The giant mole is one of OSRS‘s easiest and most accessible bosses in the game. Players are able to kill it at a very low level, within minimal stats and gear, while also being at a minimal risk of dying. Similar to other entry-level bosses you may already be familiar with, such as the Skotizo, KBD, Sarachnis and DKS. However, for efficient kills players should at least complete the hard Falador diary, so that the Mole can be located when he digs away to another location in his lair.

How to get to the Giant Mole

The giant mole is located directly below Falador. To enter you will need a spade and some form of light source, a candle or lantern works fine. To enter, go to the Falador Park and use the spade to dig on one of the mole holes scattered around the west side of the Park.

Giant Mole Gear setups

Twisted Bow Setup

osrs giant mole gear setup

A max ranged setup is optimal, resulting in 75 kill per hour. Twisted bow is the most important item here, everything else can be downgraded.

Dharok Setup

osrs dharok setup for giant mole

This setup is around 60 to 65 kills per hour. Provides a cheap alternative, as Dharok’s is the most important thing here. Everything else can be downgraded to make the setup very affordable.

How to kill the Mole in OSRS

As previously mentioned, the Mole is super easy to kill, he has only 2 attacks/abilities through-out the fight. These are as follows:

  • Standard Melee Attack: Deals up to 21 damage. Can be fully negated by using melee protection prayers.
  • Burrowing ability: When the Mole’s health drops below 5% and 50%, there is a 25% chance an incoming attack will cause the Mole to burrow. If he does this he will move to another location within the lair. Players with Falador shield 3 or 4 are able to use it to instantly locate him, those without the diary complete can not.

So the fight plays out rather simplistically, players want to kill the mole as fast as they can with high hitting damage. Making the two setups above optimal. If the Mole does decide to dig then the player will need to locate its new position and hopefully finish it before it digs again. Remember to setup your cannon at the spawn point for it to be used most efficienty.