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OSRS Fossil Island Wyverns Guide

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osrs fossil island wyvern guide

Fossil Island Wyverns are a monster that require a minimum level of 66 slayer to kill. They come in three variants; the Spitting Wyvern, the Talon Wyvern and the Long-tailed Wyvern. There is also the Ancient Wyvern which is a more powerful version of the Fossil Island Wyvern, and can be fought only at 82 slayer.

Where to kill Fossil Island Wyverns in OSRS?

The Fossil Island Wyverns can be found exclusively in the Wyvern Cave located on Fossil Island. To get to the Cave players should travel by:

  • Use the Digsite pendant to teleport to Fossil Island the run south-east to entrance
  • Teleport to Digsite, use barge and run east past bank then south-east into cave.
Fossil Island Wyvern cave map

Fossil Island Wyvern Gear Setup

Melee Setup

osrs melee gear for fossil island wyverns

Range Setup

osrs range gear for fossil island wyverns

Fossil Island Wyvern FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to kill Fossil Island Wyverns for the first time.

Which Fossil Island wyvern is best?

All three of the lower-tier Wyverns (spitting, talon and long-tailed) have identical combat stats and defence. They can therefore, be killed in identical fashion. Additionally, the three share an identical drop-table, meaning there is no loss or gain dependant on the type you choose to kill. The Ancient Wyvern, on the other hand, possesses a more lucrative drop-table, but is far harder and slower to kill. If players want an easier way to farm they can buy OSRS gold.

Does Dragon Hunter Lance work on Fossil Island wyverns?

Yes, both the Dragon Hunter Lance and Crossbow work on Fossil Island Wyverns. They are the best in slot weapons when facing these monsters.

Are Fossil Island wyverns task only?

No, Fossil Island wyverns can be killed off-task. However, there is a task-only cave that players can kill Fossil Island wyverns in when on a slayer task.

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