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OSRS Forestry Guide

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Forestry is an upcoming update to OSRS and has not currently been released into the game yet. However, it has already passed a poll and is set to be released in mid 2023. When the update does finally land you can expect us to be one of the first to provide a guide for this exciting new content.

What to expect from Forestry?

Forestry will be a social, multi-player activity focused on the woodcutting skill. Similar to other minigames such as Wintertodt, it will aim to bring players together and focus on co-operation to get the best rates of woodcutting exp. As Jagex try to break the mould of traditional woodcutting methods with this awesome new release. Keep your eyes peeled for this future update.

When is the release date?

No one knows for certain yet as there has been no official commitments from Jagex on when they will release it. However, they have mentioned in multiple Q&A streams that they are aiming for mid 2023. So, expect it to be coming around June/July.