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OSRS Fishing Guild

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osrs fishing guild

The Fishing Guild is a members only area that requires a minimum of level 68 fishing to enter. Although, this is boostable, making level 63 fishing the earliest possible level you can enter.

The area is a popular fishing location as it is very close to a bank. In addition to its unique fishing platform that can only be found here. The platform gives access to fishing minnows.

How to get to the Fishing Guild?

The Fishing Guild is closeby to numerous popular places in Gleinor. Slightly south-west of Seers’ Village and just north of east Ardougne. There are multiple fast methods of transportation to the area, this includes:

  • Skills necklace directly to the fishing guild
  • Camelot teleport and run west then south-west
  • Ardougne teleport and run north
  • Lunar spell to the Fishing Guild
  • Combat bracelet to ranging guild then run west
  • Kandarin headgear 3/4 to Sherlock then run west
osrs how to get to fishing guild

Popular Fishing Guild features

Below you can see some of the great benefits players can earn from using the Fishing Guild.

Fishing Level boost

When in the guild, players will receive an invisible +7 fishing level boost. This is stackable with existing boosts such as the Dragon Harpoon special attack. The boost allows you to catch fish at a faster rate than you usually would. Resulting in better profit and/or gold per hour.


As previously mentioned, the bank in the Fishing Guild is extremely close to the fishing spots. It is the closest bank to shark and lobster fishing spawns in the game right now. Making it a great destination for ironmen or players wanting to train fishing relatively afk.

Fishing Platform

Players with an Angler outfit and 82 fishing can speak to Kylie Minnow to travel to the fishing platform. The platform is home to four minnow spawns, allowing players to fish minnows in this area. Every 40 minnows you catch can be exchanged to Kylie for one raw shark.