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OSRS Fire Cape Guide

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osrs fire cape guide

The Fire Cape is one of Oldschool Runescapes most iconic items. It was once one of the most sought after status symbols before the infernal capes release. This guide will focus on people looking to obtain their Fire Cape for the first time. Therefore, covering the basics of the Fight Caves experience and how to kill Jad. If you want a more advanced guide of Jad, be sure to check out our Fight Caves speed running guide.

Gear Setup for first time Fire Cape

Gear Setup for first time Fire Cape

Gear Advice

The gear shown below is intentionally built for low-level players, looking to get their first Fire Cape. Therefore, the budget has been kept to a realistic standard. If you have more money to spend, make the necessary upgrades where needed. An Anguish Necklace and Twisted Bow would be two significant upgrades. Other things such as Masori are nice too.

The Ancient Staff is in the setup for blood barraging back to full hp when needed. Although, don’t over-do this and remember to Blowpipe spec. The crossbow is only for tagging the healers during the Jad kill as blowpipe has a short attack range.

Gear Progression

osrs fight caves gear progression

Monster Breakdown

During the Fight Caves there will be a total of 63 waves. Each wave will include a variety of monsters, gradually increasing in difficulty until wave 63 where you will face Jad.


This is a level 22 monster, that appears in the first wave of the fight caves. It attacks with melee and will drain your prayer level when in melee range. Therefore, a kiting technique of hit-and-run is advised when facing this monster.


This is a level 45 combat monster, that appears in the third wave of the fight caves. It also attacks with melee, when it dies it will split into two smaller level 22 Tz-Keks. Killing these near the beginning of waves is beneficial to save some time, but always prioritise your safety.


A combat level 90 monster that uses a ranged attack and appears at wave 7 for the first time. Use protect from missiles against this monster if there are no stronger monsters attacking you.


This is a combat level 180 monster, which first appears at wave 15. This attacks with melee and will heal itself when attacking. Therefore, it is highly recommended to kite this monster with the hit-and-run tactic. Or alternatively, you can use other monsters to block its pathing, effectively safe spotting it. Using the outer areas of the arena can also work as a safe spot as shown in the image below.

fight caves safe spots


A combat level 360 monster, that appears for the first time at wave 31. Once wave 30 is complete, you will want to activate protect from magic and keep it on whenever this monster is in the room. Ideally you should keep it on at all times if you can and have enough prayer/restore potions, to ensure you dont take any accidental damage. As this monster can hit extremely hard.


TzTok-Jad or Jad for short, is a level 702 monster. He is the final boss in the Fight Caves and appears in the last wave, wave 63. He has extremely powerful attacks, with the ability to one shot most players. However, correct protection prayers negate all damage.

How to kill Jad?

Jad can attack with all three attack styles, but will only use melee if you enter his melee zone (1 tile adjacent). Therefore, you only need to really consider Magic and Ranged attacks.

For his ranged attack, he will stomp his feet on the ground and launch a ball like animation at you. On the other hand, his magic attack is a fire-ball type animation, that occurs after he has stood on his two back legs, with his front two dangling over the front. This can be seen in the Gif below.

osrs jad animation
Slams his feet for Ranged attack & rears up dangling his feet for Magic.

At 50% hit points, Jad will spawn four Yt-HurKot’s these are known as “Jads Healers” they will move towards the boss and begin to heal him. The healing can not be out-dpsed reliably, even with max gear it is difficult for a first timer. To stop them healing Jad, simply tag each of them, ideally with your crossbow to avoid being pulled into melee distance with the blowpipe.

Fight Caves Spawn Predictor Plugin

Thanks to Runelite, players can now complete the Fight Caves with a visual marker that will highlight the locations of each monster that will spawn in the upcoming wave. This makes it great for pre-planning what you will need to do in the upcoming wave. Go to the plugin hub on your runelite client and install the “Fight Caves Spawn Predictor”

Logging out during the Waves

It is safe to log out during the Fight Caves, your progress will not be reset and you can carry off from the wave you logged out on. Simply, hit the log out button once during the wave, then finish the wave before logging out again at the end of the wave. Then, when you log back in the next wave will start.