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OSRS Catching Dark Crabs Guide

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osrs Dark Crabs fishing guide

Dark Crabs are a type of raw food that can only be fished in the wilderness. They require 85 Fishing to catch and provide moderate levels of fishing experience per hour. They are also a high-tier food for PvM encounters, meaning they maintain a high value. Providing relatively decent profit per hour of up to 500k gp using this method.

This method is only recommended if you have completed the elite tier of the Wilderness diary. As it grants free access to the wilderness resource area. In addition to a significantly higher catch rate for dark crabs. At level 99 fishing the catch rate jumps from 12% without the diary completion to 34% with diary completion, almost tripling the rate.

Requirements for catching Dark Crabs

  • 85+ Fishing
  • Lobster pot
  • Dark fishing bait
  • Slash weapon to cut web after edgeville lever


  • Defensive gear (3-4 expensive items max)
  • High healing food
  • Lockpick to escape Pkers in the Magic Axe hut
  • Coins to note Dark Crabs
  • Rada’s blessing to increase catch rates
  • Elite Wilderness diary for free entry and increased catch rate.

Where to do catch Dark Crabs?

Dark crab fishing spots can be found in the wilderness at two locations. The Wilderness resource area and at around level 35 wilderness on the north-east coast, slightly south of the deep wilderness fence. The area along the coast can be accessed with a dark crabs teleport tab.

However, the resource area is the best place to fish dark crabs, so you will want to head there. To reach the resource area the best way is to use the Edgeville lever and slash the web north then run east a short while till the entrance.

osrs dark crabs fishing area

Dark Crabs Fishing Experience Rates

Expect around 30k exp per hour when starting out at level 85 fishing. Scaling up to above 40k fishing experience per hour at level 99. But, remember these rates are only achievable with the Elite Wilderness diary complete. Without this diary the method is not worthwhile and experience rates will be around 10-15k per hour.