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OSRS Bloat Guide

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osrs bloat guide

Bloat is the second boss room in the Theatre of Blood. He has a number of different attacks that will deal damage to you while in the room. This guide aims to address all of those attacks and how to deal with them to easily clear this room every time. For this room a Salve Amulet(e) is highly recommended as Bloat is classed as an undead monster. Meaning you can get a huge increase in DPS while using the salve. Although, be sure to bring the un-imbued version so you can drop it after the room.

Mechanics and Strategy

Bloat does not directly attack the player himself. However, he does use 3 special attacks, these are known as Bloat Flies, Falling Hands and a Stomp attack.

Bloat Flies

If you enter bloats line of sight he will begin attacking you with flies. Protect from missiles can reduce the damage dealt. But, this is still a very strong attack, dealing 15-20 damage rapidly. The more players that are in his line of sight, the more flies he will launch.

Bloat Stomp

When bloat has stopped moving you will be able to attack him from between 4 to 6 melee hits. Dependant on how fast you arrive and how late you leave. When Bloat gets back up, he will do a stomp attack. If you are in his line of sight when he does the stomp, it will deal damage of up to 80 hp to you. This attack is tick-eatable, but you will want to be out of the line of sight soon after or he will start his fly attack again.

osrs bloat stomp
Bloat Stomp Safe Zones

The general rule to always be safe for a stomp attack is to be at least 5 tiles away and around a corner of the pillar to not get hit.

Falling Hands

After the first time bloat has went down, you will start to see falling meat/hands that fall from above onto specific tiles. If you are to stand on any of these tiles when the falling hand lands, it will deal significant damage and temporarily stun your character. While stunned this puts you in a vulnerable position, as Bloat may catch up to you, especially if he is running.

Step by step guide to killing Bloat

  1. Enter the room praying protect from missiles with your salve equipped.
  2. Stay out of Bloats line of sight by hiding around the inside of the Pillars.
  3. Wait for Bloat to “go down” and stop moving.
  4. Do 4-6 attacks depending on how fast you get to bloat. Use dragons claws and crystal halberd specs during this time.
  5. Run away before Bloat gets back up.
  6. Run around the pillars again staying out of his sight and dodge the falling hands from above.
  7. Attack him and repeat until he dies.

In 3-4 man teams Bloat should usually die after the second time he goes down. While learning this can sometimes be three downs though, due to players arriving slow and leaving early.

Quick Video Explanation of Bloat

BGS Specs for Bloat

Having at least 1 person use a BGS spec will considerably increase the likelihood of securing a 2 down bloat every time. Making the raid faster and more consistent. This can be shown in the graph below.

bgs on bloat