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OSRS 1-99 Hunter Guide

osrs hunter guide

Hunter Traps

When training the hunter skill, a lot of your levelling will be done via trapping different types of animals and monsters. Every 20 levels up to level 80, you will unlock the ability to use an additional trap concurrently. Furthermore, in the wilderness you are able to place an extra trap concurrently to what you can outside of the wilderness. You can see the number of traps you can use at any one time in the table below.

osrs hunter traps
Hunter traps available per level

OSRS Fastest Hunter Exp 1-99

Hunter is a relatively fast and potentially lucrative skill to train in oldschool runescape. This guide will look at the most efficient ways to level the skill to 99.

Natural History Quiz: Level 1-9 Hunter

Visit Orlando Smith located in the basement of the Varrock Museum and complete the Natural History Quiz. This is very quick and easy to complete, granting the player 1,000 experience.

Feldip Weasels: Level 7-15

Feldip Weasels provide the fastest experience from levels 7 to 15.

To catch a Feldip weasels you will require a noose wand, and a ring of pursuit is recommended to increase exp per hour. The Feldip Weasels are located in the Feldip Hunter area to the south of the city of Yanille.

The fastest way to travel is using the fairy ring code; A-K-S and running south-west. You can find two burrows to search near the centre of the area.

Ruby Harvests & Copper Longtails: Level 15-29

From levels 15 to 29 the fastest hunter experience rates are gained catching ruby harvests and copper longtails.

Bring two bird snares, some butterfly jars, a butterfly net and a stamina potion. Set-up your bird snares to catch the Copper Longtails, while you wait for them to be caught you can begin to catch the Ruby Harvests with your net and jars. Experience rates are around 17,500 per hour using this method.

To reach the location use a Piscatoris teleport or run south of the fairy ring code; A-K-Q.

osrs copper longtails
A copper longtail

Swamp Lizards: Level 29-43

Catching Swamp Lizards offers the best experience rates between levels 29 and 43. With around 25k exp per hour between levels 29-37, with rates incresing to around 35,000 per hour when using three traps. It is therefore recommended that players bring hunter potions to boost the hunter level for three traps at level 37.

Swamp lizards are located in the canifis hunter area, use fairy ring A-L-Q and travel south-west. Bring stamina pots and weight-reducing equipment to ensure you always have run energy. To catch the Lizards you will need a rope and small fishing net for each individual trap.

Falconry: Levels 43-60

Catching Spotted Kebbits is the fastest experience from 43 to 57, followed by Dark Kebbits from levels 57-60. Expect experience rates of 60,000 exp per hour at level 43, increasing to around 75,000 at level 57.

To catch them you will need to use the Falconry technique. The falconry area can be found on Piscatoris, paying a fee of 500 coins to rent a Gyr Falcon. Clicking on the relevant Kebbit will send the falcon to make an attempt at catching it.

Red Salamanders: Levels 60-67

From hunter levels of 60 to 67 in osrs, catching Red Salamanders will offer the fastest experience rates. Players can expect to pull averages of around 80-100k exp per hour with this method.

Rope and Fishing net will once again be required to catch the Salamanders. It is recommended to bring additional (5 rope and 5 net) this allows you to instantly reset the trap before picking up the collapsed one.

They can be hunted near the Ourania Altar. To reach the location you can either use the Ourania teleport, or visit the Khazard Battlefield spirit tree and run west.

Black Salamanders: Levels 67-73

The fastest experience from levels 67 to 73 is Black Salamanders. With average experience rates at around 120,000 per hour.

Black Salamanders can only be found in the Wilderness, at the Boneyard Hunter area. To get here use the burning amulet to teleport to the Chaos Temple then begin running north-east.

Hunting in the wilderness allows you to use 1 additional trap (5 traps at level 60). So be sure to bring a minimum of 5 ropes and small fishing nets.

osrs black salamander
Black Salamander

Black Chinchompas: Level 73-99

Catching Black Chinchompas provides the fastest hunter exp per hour in the game from levels 73 onwards. Exp rates of around 145k per hour at 73, rising to 185k at level 80 and 220k at level 99 (without tick manipulation). With use of tick manipulation rates can hit as high as 285k per hour at 99.

Black Chinchompas can also be extremely profitable. From level 73 you will need to collect 38,228 black chins to reach level 99. Resulting in profits of well over 100m.

To lay box traps when hunting for Chinchompas you are required to have completed the quest Eagle’s Peak in full. The location for hunting Black Chinchompas is at a hunting area in level 32-36 Wilderness. To get there you can use a Wilderness Obelisk to level 35, or use a Revenant cave teleport and run south. A final alternative involves using the Waka Canoe from the north-east corner of Edgeville just north of the fairy ring, this will require level 57 in the woodcutting skill.

Alternative Hunter Training Methods

Understandably, not everyone wants to follow the fastest methods in this Hunter guide. You may have particular reasons for wanting to stay away from some methods. Particularly, the ones that can only be done in wilderness areas. Below, we have outlined guides for some of the best alternative hunter methods. Including profitable, low-intensity and methods that train 2 or more skills at once.

Bird House Traps: Levels 5-99

Bird House runs is a type of hunter training method that is in some ways similar to how the farming skill is trained. As players will set up a bird house trap on Fossil Island and after 50 minutes they can return to collect loot and experience.

For this method players will need access to Fossil Island. So, the Bone Voyage quest must have been completed. Additionally, there are a total of four bird house trap locations which can be used.

Each run only takes around 80-90 seconds, but you can work out the effective hourly experience rates from this. Exp rates start of at around 50k per hour for level 5, scaling all the way up to 236k per hour at level 90. From levels 5-80 this is effectively the fastest hourly experience. But, due to the fact you can only do 1 run every 50 minutes it will need to be done over a very long time.

osrs bird house hunter
Bird House Traps and Experience Rates

Aerial Fishing: Levels 35-99

Aerial Fishing becomes available on the Molch Island at level 35 hunter and level 43 fishing. This is a good alternative method as it provides moderate levels of experience in both fishing and hunter. Additionally, it can be used as a method of obtaining the Anglers Outfit and other rewards from this activity.

Drift Net Fishing: Levels 44-99

Drift Net Fishing is another method that trains both fishing and hunter at an efficient rate. This is also one of the fastest fishing methods between levels 47 and 58. However, you will also need to have access to Fossil Island for this method.

The objective is to chase shoals of fish into large drift nets while in the underwater section of Fossil Island. You will therefore need some form of trident, a fishbowl helmet and diving apparatus.

At level 50 fishing and hunter expect around 81k hunter experience per hour and 64 fishing experience per hour. Scaling up to 87k fishing and 115k hunter an hour when both at level 70. A full breakdown of the hourly experience rates can be found below.

Drift Net Fishing experience rates

Orange Salamanders: Levels 47-59

The Orange Salamander is the only type of salamander that is not included in the list of fastest hunter methods. As falconry is technically quicker experience for these level brackets. However, falconry is also very click intensive, so players may want to opt for something more chill.

Orange salamanders are caught with a small fishing net and rope like all other salamanders. Although, they are in the desert, so remember to bring waterskins or other protection from the desert heat.

Expect between 40,000 and 50,000 hunter experience every hour with this method.

osrs orange salamander
Orange Salamander

Maniacal Monkeys: Levels 60-99

Maniacal Monkeys is a hunter method that becomes available after the completion of Monkey Madness 2. In Kruk’s Dungeon players can trap the Monkeys by luring them below a large boulder.

Experience rates start out at around 60,000 hunter exp per hour. This increases to around 90,000 at higher levels. With a potential to reach as high as 120,000 experience per hour in hunter at level 99. This method is a relatively slow method of training, but is also very low effort.

Herbiboar: Levels 80-99

Herbiboar is a rather unique method of training hunter. Players must tack the Herbiboar around Fossil Island before finally finding and capturing it. Experience rates at level 80 are around 120,000 hunter experience per hour, scaling up to 150,000 at higher levels. When you hit level 99 hunter, if you wish to continue, expect hourly hunter exp rates at around 165k per hour.

Additionally, the Herbiboar will also provide a variety of herbs as loot. This can result in some decent passive profit of a few hundred thousand gp per hour. There is also a 1/6,500 chance to obtain the Herbi pet with this method. Therefore, pet hunters may want to use this method early, especially if they already have the chinchompa pet.