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OSRS 1-99 Fishing Guide

osrs fishing guide

Fishing can be both AFK and click intensive with the options available to players. For this Oldschool RS guide, we’ll be taking you through the fastest and most efficient ways to train the skill to 99. In Addition to a range of alternative methods that may suit you better.

Fishing Equipment

Unless using the barehand barbarian fishing method to catch fish, you will almost need some sort of fishing tool to help you attract and catch fish. The required equipment for different types of fishing in OSRS is as follows:

  • Small & Big fishing nets – used for net fishing.
  • Fishing rod & bait – used for bait fishing.
  • Fly fishing rod & feathers – used for fly fishing.
  • Lobster pot – used for cage fishing lobsters.
  • Harpoon – used for harpoon fishing.
  • Cormorant & bait (King Worms or Fish Chunks) – used for Aerial Fishing.
  • Barbarian rod & bait (feathers, fish offcuts, roe, caviar or fishing bait) – used for Barbarian Fishing.

Angler’s Outfit

The Anglers outfit is an experience-boosting outfit, when worn this equipment will boost all fishing experience by 2.5%. It can be worn at level 34 fishing, but must be obtained via the Fishing Trawler minigame. From level 34 to 99 fishing it will save approximately 337k fishing experience.

The experience it saves will likely not be worth the time spent to acquire the set. However, it’s worth it in the long-run as the set required to complete certain master clue scroll steps. Additionally, to gain access to Minnows players will need to have acquired this set.

Spirit Angler’s Outfit

The Spirit Angler’s outfit works exactly the same as the regular Angler’s outfit. Providing a 2.5% boost to fishing experience with the full set equipped. But, is obtained via the Tempoross minigame rather than the Fishing Trawler.

Unlike the Fishing Trawler there is not as much RNG required to achieve the set. Players can exchange 1,200 spirit flakes for 1 spirit angler piece, in total the set contains 4 items, so 4,800 spirit flakes are required.

osrs angler outfits
Angler Outfits

Rada’s Blessing

Completion of the Kourend & Kebos diary tiers will increase the chance of catching two fish at once. Providing 2%, 4%, 6% and 8% for each respective tier of the diary.

This item is not relevant to any of the fast experience methods below, as there is no additional experience granted for the extra fish. But, is great for some of our alternative methods below, that is focused on passive profit.

Fastest Fishing Experience

Below you can find the most efficient road to 99 fishing in Oldschool Runescape. All of the fastest methods dependant on your current fishing level.

osrs fastest fishing exp
Fishing at Barbarian Village

Questing: Levels 1-33

Quest rewards is the most efficient way to skip early fishing levels in osrs. Completing Fishing Contest, Sea Slug and the Pirate Pete sub-quest from Recipe for Disaster will reward you with 10,612 fishing experience. All of which can be done at a very low level with minimal requirements, taking you to level 27.

Players can then chose to complete Tai Bwo Wannai Trio and The Fremennik Trials. These have slightly higher requirements but still provide a good and efficient option for reaching level 33 upon their completion.

Fly Fishing: Levels 20-47/58

Fly fishing for trout and salmon provides the fastest fishing experience up until level 58. Requiring a fly fishing rod and feathers to catch the fish.

In order to actually achieve the highest amount of hourly experience, players will also need to make use of tick manipulation tactics. The method is on a 3-tick cycle, therefore, you will also need a herb and tar or knife and teak/mahogany logs. The method is simple: catch fish, start 3-tick cycle, drop fish and click fishing spot.

It is never worth it to bank the fish, they are extremely low value and significantly slow down experience rates. With tick manipulation experience rates can reach up to 65,000 per hour at level 58, so the levels should go relatively fast. You can see a larger break down of exp rates in the table above.

osrs fly fishing exp rates
Fly Fishing Exp Rates

Drift Net Fishing: Levels 47-58/99

Drift net fishing is the most efficient method of training the fishing and hunter skills together. Although, it is not the fastest fishing experience in the long-term, it is best to do this from fishing levels 47-58.

drift net fishing gear setup
Drift Net Fishing setup

The method is found underwater on Fossil Island, so Bone Voyage quest completion is a hard requirement. Once there you will need to chase fish shoals into the drift nets. A trident can be used to chase the shoals, as seen in the gear setup above.

Experience rates at level 50 fishing is around 64k experience per hour, significantly better than fly fishing. The full breakdown of fishing and hunter experience for this activity can be seen below.

osrs drift net fishing exp rates
Drift Net Fishing Exp Rates

Barbarian Fishing: Level 58-99

3-tick Barbarian Fishing is the fastest fishing method from level 58. Players must complete a portion of Barbarian Training to use this method. Whilst also having 30 Agility/Strength to catch leaping salmon, and 45 Agility/Strength to catch leaping sturgeon.

osrs tick manipulation fishing
Barbarian Fishing tick manipulation

The method also provides a very small amount of additional strength and agility experience. Making it efficient to train fishing to 99 on low level beginner accounts. However, for those who do not care about the agility/strength exp, you are advised to switch to 2-tick tune and swordfish at level 71.

Again, in order to achieve the best experience rates players will need to make use of 3-tick fishing techniques. Below you can find a chart of the experience rates per hour.

osrs barb fishing exp rates
Barbarian Fishing Experience Rates

2-tick Tuna & Swordfish: Levels 71-99

2-tick harpoon fishing for Tuna and Swordfish offers the fastest fishing experience in OSRS. Players can expect rates of up to 135,000 per hour at level 99 using a crystal harpoon. While starting experience is around 87,000 per hour at level 71, progressing to 115,000 at level 85.

osrs exp rates for fishing
2-tick Tuna & Swordfish Exp Rates

To make this method worthwhile, tick manipulation must be used. The method is a little more complex, but once it is setup it is very easy to proceed.

First you must go to the north-western part of Piscarilius, west of the ban. You must then be attacked by two rats, and they must be attacking you two ticks apart from each other. Once this is setup you just need to click on the fishing spot every time a hitsplat appears on your character.

osrs 2 tick fishing
2-tick Tuna and Swordfish

Alternative OSRS fishing methods

Not everyone wants to use the fastest fishing experience methods. Understandably so, as many of them include tick manipulation which can be extremely click intensive. Below you can find a range of fishing training method alternatives, with AFK and profitable methods included.

Tempoross: Levels 35-99

If you’re not interested in tick manipulation methods then Tempoross has the fastest experience in the game without using tick manipulation.

The higher quality harpoon will result in increased experience rates. Also, not cooking harpoonfish during the minigame will result in the fastest experience rates. However, you will in turn get a lower amount of points/loot.

osrs tempoross exp rates
Tempoross Exp Rates per Hour

Aerial Fishing: Levels 43-99

The Aerial Fishing method trains both Fishing and Hunter at the same time. Making it similar to drift net fishing, only with slower hourly experience overall. Since it is not as fast, this method is only really recommended to players who want to obtain the unique rewards on offer here.

In addition to having 43 fishing, you will also need a minimum of 35 hunter. Experience rates can be found in the table below, assuming you are paying moderate attention and catching around 1600 fish every hour.

osrs ariel fishing
Aerial Fishing Exp Rates

Monkfish: Levels 62-99

Catching monkfish is extremely low effort, the fishing spawns last for a relatively long time allowing you to AFK between them. Additionally, the bank is super close, only a 5 second run from the fishing spots. There is also small amounts of profit from this method, which can be seen below.

monkfish exp and profit osrs fishing
Monkfish Fishing Exp Rates

However, Swan Song is a hard requirement to access the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, the only location monkfish can currently be fished.

Karambwan: Levels 65-99

Low effort is generally one of the biggest factors when it comes to deciding to fish Karambwans. With experience rates at around only 30,000 fishing exp per hour. The completion of Tai Bwo Wannai Trio is also required for fishing Karambwans.

To fish Karambwans you will need a Karambwan Vessel and raw Karambwanji. The raw Karambwanji can be caught near the fairy ring C-K-R, using a small fishing net. Alternatively, you can buy them for 10gp each from Tiadeche, he stocks 50 per world.

The karambwan fishing spots are located by the fairy ring, D-K-P. Making it very easy to travel to and from the bank if the player has quick access to fairy rings, either through the Player-owned house or a quest point cape teleport. Having completed the Lumbridge diary in full will be advantageous as it allows you to equip a dragon harpoon instead of a Dramen Staff.

The fishing Barrel, a reward from Tempoross is also advantagous here, as it allows the player to catch double the amount of fish in a single trip, essentially doubling the time spent “AFK”.

Anglerfish: Levels 82-99

Anglerfish are also unlocked at level 82 and can be fished if you have 100% Piscarilius favour. They provide very low amounts of fishing experience. Around 12k exp per hour at level 82, scaling to around 18-20k at level 99. However, they are one of the best food to have in PvM situations. Meaning this method may be popular for ironmen accounts who want to sacrifice experience rates for high-tier food.

Minnows: Levels 82-99

Minnows provide relatively low hourly fishing experience. However, they can provide some decent afk profit, as Minnows are exchanged for noted raw sharks. This also makes it a good alternative for Ironmen in need of a food source.

The full anglers outfit is required for access to the Minnow’s fishing platform. Rada’s Blessing is also recommended as it increases minnows by 2% for each tier of diary completed.

osrs minnow exp rates
Minnows – Fishing Exp per Hour

Infernal Eels: Levels 80-99

With access to Mor Ul Rek below Karamja, players will be able to find the Infernal Eel fishing spots. This provides around 35k fishing experience per hour. However, the method is mainly popular as you are not required to bank. Players can use a hammer to smash the infernal eels in exchange for Tokkul, Onyx bolt tips and lava scale shards. Making this method relatively AFK, with small levels of passive profit.

Dark Crabs: Levels 85-99

For fishing dark crabs to actually be a viable method, you will need to complete the elite tasks in the Wilderness Diary. As this will provide free access to the Resource Area in the deep wilderness. Dark Crabs will also be caught at a far faster rate. Providing some decent profit per hour, with around 40,000 fishing experience per hour if you’re not distracted by PKers.

osrs dark crab fishing
Catching Dark Crabs

Since this is a wilderness activity, bring no more than 4 expensive defensive items. The Dinh’s Bulwark should be a priority if you have it. Additionally, remember to always maintain your protect item prayer if you’re taking 4 items, you can drop down to 3 if you wish to be safe. Also, turn off left click attack player to avoid accidental skulling.

Fishing Guild

At level 68 players may enter the Fishing Guild. This is a boost-able requirement, so players with as low as 63 can theoretically enter the guild with a spicy stew boost. The Guild is located north of East Ardougne and slightly south-west of the Ranged Guild.

When inside, players will experience a +7 invisible fishing boost. The Guild is home to its own bank and docks. The docks have about 11 cage and harpoon spots, 9 big net and harpoon spots, there is also the fishing platform where minnows can be fished.